2017 Everyday Gratitude Diary

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The Everyday Gratitude diary is back for 2017. This is one of the best ways to create and maintain a habit of gratitude – write down what you’re grateful for in this gorgeous A5 hardcover book, along with any other musings, doodles, epiphanies, appointments and notes you want to keep track of.

Illustrated by the marvellous Kathleen Jennings, you will love using this book every day. It won’t be long before you’ll be reaping the benefits of gratitude – better health, better sleep, a more positive outlook and all-round general good vibes!

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Here’s what people had to say about the 2016 edition:

“Like the monthly snapshot and planning for the month and the reminder to be kind to myself. Happy self means a happier home.” – Sarah A

“I love combining the daily stuff of life with an opportunity to be grateful – just as you had planned. But I love the quality of the diary (the paper especially), the friendly fonts and the love that has gone into its design and production.” – Meredith V

“I love the amount of space it has for each day. I love the fact that each day I need to stop and find something I’m thankful for (especially on the days where I have felt low).” – Kala M

“The practice of giving thanks for something – anything – no matter how big or small is really refreshing. It has helped me to reflect on each day and process the day’s activities in a positive way.” – Keris H

“I’ve discovered practising gratitude is easier than I first thought.” – Kristy

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110 gsm


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Hardcover, matte


Designed and printed in Australia