Hello my dear friends

Feeling a bit crummy today but then I realised that with all the busyness of the past week I haven’t actually had the time to photograph the new diary, which arrived a few days ago. That put more of a spring in my step, so I grabbed my camera and thought it was time I gave you all a look-see at this beautiful object. It might be a little bit of sunshine in your day too!

All the pre-orders have shipped now, and a thousand apologies that it might take a few more days for your order to arrive; one thing I forgot to factor in about moving to Tasmania is that it takes just a bit longer for things to get to you all on the mainland. 🙂

On that note: if you would like to order copies for Christmas presents, make sure you get in sooner rather than later so your parcel reaches you on time. AND if you order two or more copies you’ll automatically get a 5% discount!

So without further ado, behold – the 2017 Everyday Gratitude Diary! Hooray! Get yours now!