This week I’m away in the Blue Mountains, leading and cooking on Scripture Union NSW’s craft camp. I was freaking out a bit about how I would manage my energy levels, given that I am a major introvert and if I don’t get quiet time my mental health falls apart pretty quickly. Generally I expend a LOT of energy around people, trying to be upbeat and enthusiastic and keeping things bubbling along, but I really, really need quiet, alone time to recharge. Otherwise I’m constantly giving out energy and end up a flat, defunct mess.

Today I am SO grateful that I was allocated my own bedroom at camp, and even more grateful to the other leaders for being okay with that. Seriously, what a gift.

Tomorrow the 11 girls (between years 5 and 8) arrive. I’m praying we have lots of fun making all sorts of things, learning from the book of Esther and getting to know one another. I’m also praying that I will use my alone time well (and not stay up too late reading or catching up on work or anything else). Rest is so good!