MYG: space

This week I’m away in the Blue Mountains, leading and cooking on Scripture Union NSW’s craft camp. I was freaking out a bit about how I would manage my energy levels, given that I am a major introvert and if I don’t get quiet time my mental health falls apart pretty...

MYG: gardens

I love this rose, growing in our garden. I am grateful for witnessing every stage of its life, from bud to full blown. It looks like Belle’s ballgown from Beauty and the Beast. It fully fulfils its roseness.

MYG: friendship

Today I am grateful for friends, those who love me and support me, those who value me, those who are honest, those who are steadfast, those who are real with me, those who I can be real with. You know who you are. Thank you.

MYG: clean and tidy

We’ve been cleaning and tidying up our house, preparing for photos to be taken of it (we’re moving soon). After we’d done all the tidying up the agent called to postpone; given the rainy weather he thought it would be better to wait until a sunny day...

MYG: creating

Today I had the joy of running my first polymer clay workshop for Mad for Markers. We made some wonderful necklaces; it was so fun seeing the blocks of clay being squished and rolled into lovely beads and colour combinations. I am grateful for creativity, and being...