So it’s been a month since I last posted! Lots to be grateful for in January. EG Diary users: it’s time to do your monthly snapshot and pleasant event scheduling! Looking at my own upcoming things, I realised it was all work stuff in my diary. I actually had to deliberately think about the things I would like doing and plan them – revolutionary! That’s what this whole end/beginning of the month diary spread is about, and I’m glad to find it working for me.

So this coming month I have planned to:

  • go to the brand new Thermomix Indian cooking class
  • get a (long overdue) massage
  • go to The Greats exhibition at the Art Gallery of NSW before it closes
  • go to the movies with my brother

What have you got to look forward to in February?

In other exciting news, now that we’re well into 2016, I’m discounting all my remaining diary stock to just $28 each! Do you know anyone with a birthday coming up? Were you hanging out for the late-adopters’ discount? Now’s the time to grab one of the last remaining copies and get into some gratitude this year.