Hello my lovelies!

I meant to write this earlier this weekend but it’s been a busy time. I just came home from singing at the¬†carols event at my church. That’s one thing I’ve always been grateful for – the joy I get and give from singing, the gift of musical ability that God has given me.

I was reflecting on it on the way home, how it’s always tempting to pick apart how the event¬†went, how when people say they had a great time and really enjoyed the singing I always want to deflect the compliment by saying something about how I don’t have enough attack or control. Or even to complain about being on the verge of losing my voice because I overdid it in rehearsal. Or how we messed up that intro. Or…

Why is it so hard to receive sometimes? Part of being a good giver is also being able to receive. When people express gratitude for you, do you accept it, or try to deflect?

Now onto the point of this post – a reminder that it’s time to do part two of our Year Just Past! What are some big things that happened in your life, and/or things you were grateful for in April, May and June this year? Grab your diary and write them down!

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