We don’t have a thanksgiving tradition in Australia, but I have often thought that it’s a tradition I wouldn’t mind adopting. I know the ‘holiday’ in the States is laden with all sorts of other issues around obligation and the problems of gathering dysfunctional families together (most of that knowledge comes from Hollywood movies to be honest, but there must be a kernel of truth in there!). But the essence of the day is very appealing to me – thanksgiving. Giving thanks. Gathering people together, sharing in an abundance of food, and recognising that we really do have so much to be grateful for.

I saw links in my Facebook feed this morning from Brené Brown and Marie Forleo for Seth Godin’s free Thanksgiving Reader. It is stunningly beautiful, full of poetry, prayers and reflections, designed to be read together with a group of people, around a dinner table. Just reading through it by myself brought such peace; imagine sitting around a food-laden table with loved ones and reading it aloud together.

Even if you’re not somewhere that celebrates thanksgiving, and you’re not having a huge family meal, everyday is a good day to be thankful, right? Find a quiet half an hour, make a cup of something tasty, download the Thanksgiving reader and spend some time reading and reflecting. It’s like a tonic for the soul, I promise!

Thanksgiving Reader