Hello! And welcome to new subscribers who are in the running for the Everyday Gratitude Diary giveaway (if you haven’t entered yet, you’ve got til the end of October to enter).

I keep forgetting to mention that Everyday Gratitude recently became a sponsor of Tigress Magazine, as part of their Pozible campaign to get their first print edition out to the world. I first saw Tigress on Facebook earlier this year and thought it was a marvellous thing. When I was a teenager I think the only magazine aimed just at my demographic was Dolly and, later, Girlfriend. But neither really felt like meI think Tigress would have felt more like me.

tigress5Their website described the magazine thusly:

Tigress is FOR you, BY you. It is a one of a kind, collaborative, and creative community in the form of an online magazine. It is a place that allows us to acknowledge each other for who we are: beautiful, strong, quirky, clever, unique, and everything in between. Tigress consists of creative work by girls from all over the world, and we aim to give you a magazine filled with great stories, art, advice, and information in the hopes of leaving you feeling empowered, accepted, and worthy.

I’m looking forward to seeing Tigress Magazine in print! It seemed like a good fit for Everyday Gratitude to sponsor something that encourages young girls. I think getting into a gratitude habit early on is a great thing to do. I mean, it’s never too late to start, but imagine if you embarked on adulthood already knowing this wonderful ‘secret’ that helps you have the best outlook on life!

Are there any young people you know who might like an Everyday Gratitude Diary, or who would benefit from reading Tigress Magazine? Point them in the right direction!