It always seems to be easier to find things to be grateful for in spring, don’t you think? The weather starts to warm up but there still a nice coolness to the mornings and evenings. Everything green in the garden starts waking up and putting on new growth. Even the melodic warbling of the magpies brings joy to my heart (I’ve only ever been swooped by a magpie once, so I’m still quite fond of them)!

Lately I’ve been reflecting on the abundance of good things that we have here in Australia. I’m not sure where you are as you read this, but no doubt you’ve seen/heard/read news about people fleeing their homes around the world, dealing with all sorts of terrible situations that I can’t even begin to fathom. Yes, there are still many problems in Australia, but honestly, life is pretty good here. Edit to add: I just saw that there’s been a leadership challenge in our national parliament. Whatever you think of the current government, a challenge and change in leadership (or even a change in the government itself) can occur here without death or bloodshed. That’s unheard of in some parts of the world.

I am so grateful for my home, my friends, my family, freedom to go to church, access to education, affordable healthcare, plentiful food…it really is a “my cup runneth over” kind of life here, isn’t it?

Of course sometimes even with all of our riches we go through tough times and it’s hard to look up and see what’s around us. Sometimes we don’t want to think about how good we have it here because we’re in pain and it doesn’t feel good. At times like that, I think it can be good to just think of one small thing that you can be thankful for. Even if it’s just “I was able to get out of bed today”, or “the feel of hot water on my skin in the shower”.

What are you grateful for today?

Diary update:
The diaries are slowly starting to sell – I need to get into gear and promote them well before time runs out! I don’t really know how to do that other than the methods I’ve been using (ie, social media and word of mouth) so if you have any ideas on how to promote the diary, let me know! Make sure to tell your friends about it too – send them here to buy a copy.