Hello my lovelies! I hope you are shaking off the Monday blues and enjoying some sunshine (if you’re in Sydney, anyway).

I’ve spent the whole weekend packing parcels and hand delivering goodies to Pozible backers. Now that most of the rewards have been shipped (except for those whose order included a tote bag – but they’re coming!), I’m ready to announce that the Everyday Gratitude shop is now open for business. If you missed out on pre-ordering a diary during the Pozible campaign or you’d like to buy more as gifts, now’s your time to shine!

There are also some limited edition Everyday Gratitude mugs for sale. You know how you have that one mug that just feels good in your hand and you always pick it first out of all the mugs in your cupboard and you’re slightly disappointed when it’s in the dishwasher because you just want to use it again? No? Is that just me? Anyway, this is one of those mugs.  There are only 17 of these babies left, so if you want one you’ll have to get in quickly.

Soon there will also be gorgeous thank you cards and postcards available too, but I need to do a reprint as I’ve sent them all out to the Pozible backers.

Share the love, people, and tell everyone that they can get a wonderful diary for next year right here.