coverV4-300x300Tonight I went to the launch of Toni Powell’s new little book The Yellow Car. It’s a great little book, very quick and fun to read but with a message that will change your whole way of thinking (if you let it!). It was great to hear Toni tell the story again live, with her characteristic humour and earthiness. I went to one of Toni’s Goodness Gracious Me workshops and I highly recommend them; she also has online workshops which are full of excellent material.

Anyway, tonight she was talking about three things that totally changed her thinking:  the yellow car incident (buy her book to find out what it was!), the power of words, and the power of gratitude. She said, “gratitude makes you wake up!” And it does! The more you look at the world from a grateful perspective, the more things you find to be grateful for, often things that were there all along but you just didn’t see them.

Sometimes it’s hard to get started and you might struggle to think of what to be grateful for. In the Everyday Gratitude Diary, you only need to start with writing down one thing per day. Of course if you start thinking of more things, you can write them down too! But just start simply and small. Even that action of putting on the gratitude-tinted glasses starts to train your brain to look for other things to be grateful for, and helps you form a good habit.


So we’re about two weeks away from the end of the Everyday Gratitude Pozible campaign, and it’s 73% funded. That’s a tremendous achievement from all you everyday gratituders, and I thank you very much! Please help us get to the finish line, share the campaign and preorder a copy yourself if you haven’t already.

Benefits of ordering through the Pozible campaign include:

  • free shipping! (who doesn’t love that?!)
  • cute stickers with every diary!
  • the chance to get other bits and pieces that will help you think about gratitude (a tote bag! A mug! More stickers! Thank you cards!)
  • supporting this wild crazy dream of mine to help people feel and think better
  • part of your pledge will go to the Black Dog Institute to support their research into mental health

So many good reasons to get on board!