I posted this video on the Facebook page yesterday, but it deserves posting here. It’s almost 15 minutes long, but it’s worth a watch, and taking the time to think about what Steindl-Rast is saying, particularly from the 8 minute mark.

If you don’t have time to watch, this is the bit I’ve been thinking about:

How can each one of us find a method for living gratefully, not just once in a while being grateful, but moment by moment to be grateful. How can we do it? It’s a very simple method. It’s so simple that it’s actually what we were told as children when we learned to cross the street. Stop. Look. Go. That’s all. But how often do we stop? We rush through life. We don’t stop. We miss the opportunity because we don’t stop. We have to stop. We have to get quiet. And we have to build stop signs into our lives.

He talks more about ‘stop, look, go’ over on his website (which is where the quote in the image at the top of this post is from).

I was thinking about building in stop signs this morning. One of my routines lately has been sweeping up the leaves in the yard before I settle down to work for the day. The large tree over our courtyard seems to shed a bin-load of leaves every night (and yet there are still more!), and if I just walk through them I end up leaving trails of crunched up leaves all through the house and studio.

But the sweeping has actually been a good way of clearing the decks before sitting down at the computer, doing a bit of physical outdoor work and feeling the sun on my face. It gives me a bit of space to think about this place where I live, to appreciate the buildings and the garden and the birds and all that I’ve been given. It’s a good stop sign.

In the Everyday Gratitude Diary there’s a stop sign built in there each day on the page, asking you what you’re grateful for every day. Steindl-Rast uses little stickers on his light switches and taps to remind him to be thankful for power and clean water. What other sort of stop signs could you build into your day?