So much of gratitude is to do with others. Gratitude is a response to what we get from others, whether it’s practical help, or emotional support, or even just simple friendship. Do you think about the people you’re grateful for?

This morning a dear friend of ours passed away. Barbara had been battling various health problems for a number of years, and had not had an easy life, but she was always caring, loving and mostly cheerful, with a very cheeky sense of humour. She loved Jesus and people, and even though she had very little, she shared what she had generously.

In recent months, she had fallen and broken her back. She lost her independence and was stuck in a nursing home where she couldn’t even turn over in bed or put her feet on the floor. It was so hard to see. This morning she died peacefully, and went to be with God.

I am so grateful for the person she was, and that mum and I were able to share friendship with her for a brief time. I am also grateful that we will see her again in heaven one day, but very glad that we were able to visit her recently and spend some time together.

If there’s someone who’s a ‘charming gardener’ in your life, you should tell them! I think we’d be surprised to find the encouragement that expressing gratitude can be to someone else.