Hello everyday gratituders!

Pardon me while I get a little deep here. I’ve spent the last few days researching and writing about the end of life, about palliative care and how to live well right to the end. Today was also Andrew Chan’s funeral, and it was a little weird in my head with those things meshing. I’ve been thinking a lot about how do we treat the days we’re given? Do we fritter them away, or do we treasure them? None of us knows when our last day will be, which could either make you incredibly fearful, or could cause you to embrace life and live it to the full.

I think that’s what this gratitude practice is about. It’s about living each day with such a full heart that it overflows.

You can watch or read Chan’s eulogy here; I sat here with my cup of tea, watching it, and cried. I’m not sure if you have a faith, dear reader, but to greet death with such peace, I’m sure you can agree, that’s a life lived well right to the end.

So today for my Friday five shot of gratitude:

  1. I’m grateful for the witness of people who turn their lives around
  2. I’m grateful that many have had the opportunity to read and watch Chan’s eulogy, which talks openly about Jesus, and that the reports didn’t censor that (how could they when it was all Chan’s life was about in the end?)
  3. I’m grateful that I have a family who loves me
  4. I’m grateful that I live in a relatively peaceful and stable place in the world
  5. I’m grateful for peace in my heart

What are you grateful for on this Friday, as the sun sets on another day?