I love walking around barefoot…but then I do take my shoes for granted. Did you know that having shoes can make a huge difference to kids in the developing world? Having shoes can improve health, access to education and confidence. That makes me very grateful for something as simple as shoes indeed (even if, as a kid, I only wanted to wear sparkly jellybean plastic shoes and not the sensible leather ones my mum bought).


TOMS is one of those great big hearted companies who want to help needy people. Whenever you buy a pair of TOMS shoes, they give another pair to a child in the developing world who needs shoes.

But today (and for the last couple of weeks), you don’t need to buy anything to help! All you need to do to get a pair of shoes to someone in need is share a photo of your bare feet on Instagram and tag it #withoutshoes – how easy is that?

Here are my tootsies – if you’re an Instagrammer, grab your phone, kick off your shoes, snap your feet and tag #withoutshoes now! You know, if you want to.

2015-05-21 10.56.00-1


PS this isn’t a sponsored post (as if anyone would sponsor this humble little blog yet!), just something I think is cool.